SIB Legal Bill Review helps you reduce legal expenses, save time, and improve attorney relationships.


SIB’s experienced attorneys analyze every charge, on every legal invoice, every month, to make sure that each time entry and expense charge adds value for you, the client. Then we work directly with the law firms to correct any billing errors or excessive charges. Once SIB and the law firm agree on any adjustments, SIB quickly releases payment to the law firm and sends you a rebate check for the savings, less our small fee.

SIB saves YOU time

First, SIB collects all of your legal bills from all of your law firms every month. Then, we send you a single consolidated statement of all your legal bills with one total amount, and you forward the funds to SIB in one payment. This saves your accounting team the time and hassle of tracking all different matters from different law firms, with various invoice formats and payment methods, and initiating multiple payments. We do all of that. And since we analyze every charge on every invoice, your legal and accounting teams don’t have to comb through mountains of time entries every month.

SIB improves YOUR attorney relationships

We approach every law firm with courtesy, reason, and a spirit of cooperation. As attorneys themselves, our analysts understand the need to present evidence to the law firm to support our proposed adjustments. We never demand blanket discounts; we work with the law firm to address specific billing errors. We act as a mediator between the client and the law firm for billing-related issues, so the client and lawyer don’t have to have those uncomfortable conversations about the bill every month. By removing the friction surrounding financial issues, both client and attorney can focus on the legal issues.

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