We negotiated great rates with our law firms. Why do we need your service?

We focus on attorneys’ hours, not their rates. Most attorneys must meet annual billable hours quotas, which gives them an incentive to record more hours per client. So we look at the amount of hours it takes to complete a task, the number of tasks bundled together in a single block of hours, the number of attorneys billing hours for the same task, and numerous other metrics -- all to analyze the value that the attorneys have delivered to you, the Client.

How does SIB Legal Bill Review’s participation in the billing process affect our relationship with outside counsel?

SIB’s participation in the billing process tends to strengthen the client-attorney relationship through transparency and mutual
understanding. Law firms appreciate our timely payment of their invoices, and they ordinarily understand and agree with our
proposed adjustments. Now, you no longer need to have those difficult conversations with your attorneys every month about the cost of services -- we handle that. By removing the friction surrounding financial issues, both client and attorney are free to focus on the legal issues.

Will this have a negative effect on the performance of outside counsel?

No, our participation usually improves their performance. Here’s how: you no longer need to have those difficult conversations with your attorneys about the cost of services -- we do that. As a result, you and your attorney can focus on legal issues, not legal invoices.

Why do we deposit the full amount of the law firms' invoices with SIB before SIB negotiates with the law firms?

SIB collects the full amount of the law firms’ invoices from the client BEFORE negotiating adjustments with the law firms because we pay each law firm immediately upon acceptance of our proposed adjustments -- it‘s more effective in
negotiating, we don’t want you to have to send multiple payments to multiple law firms, we don’t want you to have to rush separate payments every time a law firm agrees to an adjustment, and timely payment to the law firms is important to keeping that relationship healthy.

How SIB Compliments Legal E-Billing Software

E-billing Software

E-billing software provides information about what you have already spent.

E-billing software provides data analytics as a tool for in-house counsel to break down the metrics of legal bills.

With e-billing software, the lawyer still controls the task code assigned to each time entry. Task codes can be adjusted by the law firm to fit the budget.

E-billing software matches tasks to budgeted phases of representation and keeps the client informed on the status of representation. E-billing software is a tool for in-house legal teams to analyze their legal spend.

SIB Legal Bill Review

SIB provides negotiation to reduce your legal expenses before you pay.

SIB ensures that the amount of time is consistent with the work product.  SIB reviews the attorney’s work product to ascertain whether the charges are justifiably more than the benchmark. For example, if the lawyer charged 30 hours for a motion for summary judgment, and the motion entailed a common issue of law that is well documented in the jurisdiction, 30 hours would exceed the value, although it might fall within the benchmark range. Conversely, if the lawyer charged 50 hours for a motion for summary judgment, but the motion entailed a novel or complicated question of law, 50 hours might be the true value, although it would fall outside of the benchmark range.

SIB ensures that each time entry is correctly classified within the budgeted category, not placed in a category that still has “room in the budget.” For example, if the budget has 30 hours for responding to discovery, but the opponent has not served written interrogatories, the lawyer may see the unused 15 hours in that category as a place to “park” over-budget time from another category. We make sure that the client benefits from the 15 hours saved in that category.

SIB is a service that uncovers incorrect charges in individual attorney-time entries, resulting in tangible reductions to legal expenses. And we waive our fee if we don’t achieve enough reduction to pay our fee from the original invoice amounts. So SIB’s service represents zero net cost to the client and is completely risk-free.

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