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The breadth and depth of our leadership’s knowledge and experience allow us to serve our clients in any industry, on any legal subject, with any size law firm.

Focused on value to the client

Founded in Philadelphia by attorney Joe Hopkins, SIB Legal Bill Review employs a team of attorneys and analysts who understand firsthand the systemic culture and methods by which law firms bill their clients -- and they are well-versed in identifying charges that do not deliver corresponding value to the client.

A tradition of cost reduction

SIB Legal Bill Review is the legal cost reduction compliment to SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, which specializes in reducing monthly expenses for companies in spend categories like waste removal, telecom, property tax, utilities, maintenance contracts, and more.  SIB Fixed Cost Reduction has analyzed over $3 Billion in Client spend across more than 50,000 locations nationwide.  SIB Fixed Cost Reduction acquired a stake in SIB Legal Bill Review, in part, due to repeated requests from numerous clients to help them manage their legal spend.  To meet their clients’ request, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction evaluated the legal bill review companies in the US and determined that SIB Legal Bill Review (then Santorian LLC) was best positioned to provide the high level of service clients are accustomed to from SIB.

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our leadership team



Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur with businesses focused around technology, optimization, and data analytics. As President of SIB Legal Bill Review, Ryan is responsible for the company’s vision, strategy, and growth. Ryan came to SIB Legal Bill Review via the acquisition of a stake in his company, Santorian LLC, in November of 2018. Prior to SIB Legal Bill Review, Ryan managed Innovative Data Solutions, which provides IT services and ERP solutions.


V.P. of Client Success

Joe DiGuglielmo has practiced law in large, medium, and small law firms, representing clients in appeals, trials, and transactions. As an associate and later as a partner, Joe understands the various billing pressures attorneys face. Since Joe has worked as an attorney at law firms of all sizes, he has firsthand knowledge of the systemic billing methods in the legal industry.


Founding Member

Joe Hopkins is a highly respected attorney with over 40 years of experience practicing law. Joe has spent the past four decades providing legal services and client representation for a broad spectrum of organizations and industries, including real estate, corporate, and tax law. Joe is also the CEO of a real estate holding company. Before founding SIB Legal Bill Review, Joe was the CEO of Records Management Corporation, a business records archive company which was sold in 2006.


Managing Member

Dan is the founder and CEO of the SIB family of companies (including SIB Fixed Cost Reduction and SIB Lighting), all of which aim to reduce expenses for companies in a variety of industries. Prior to founding SIB, Dan enjoyed a successful entrepreneurial career in the wireless industry.  At age 18, Schneider founded Main Street Cellular, a retail wireless company that eventually expanded to 12 store locations in the greater Philadelphia, PA region. Dan later formed Main Street Assets, an international wholesaler working with major companies such as T-Mobile, Cingular, K-Mart, CVS, and Walgreen’s to liquidate excess inventory. After two years, the new venture grossed more than $35 million in revenue.

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